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Attention…ever since the original and "only authentic" tintype of Billy the Kid sold for 2.3 million dollars in 2011, there has been an epidemic of alleged photographs of Billy the Kid. This plague is just a vain attempt for people to make money. It takes more than just "looking like" Billy the Kid, there has to be strong documented provenance to support the alleged photo. These purported photos HAVE NOT been confirmed by real Billy the Kid historians and experts because they lack the provenance and the historical facts to support it.
Yet these purported photos are being presented to the public as authenticated based entirely on opinion and false information by unaccredited parties. Do not be fooled by these bogus claims. The only known photograph in existence of Billy the Kid is the one above.



Teenage outlaw of the Southwest
who is immortalized in American History


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No other historical figure from the Old West has stirred up more controversy and eluded historians and biographers than Billy the Kid alias William H. Bonney. This young man in his short life has established his place in history and legend, but there is more to the myth there's the man, which in my opinion is far more interesting. On this website you'll find plenty of information and learn who Billy the Kid really was and how he became a legend in his own time.


“I don’t blame you for writing of me as you have. You had to believe other stories, but then I don’t know if any one would believe anything good of me anyway.
Billy the Kid's comment to a Las Vegas Gazette reporter (December, 1880)

A short and indepth biography,
also includes short bios on
Billy the Kid's family


Fact vs. Myth
Separating the truth from
the legend


Frequently asked questions
on Billy the Kid


A timeline on the history of
Billy the Kid


Remembrances by those
who knew the Kid


Did you know...?
Uncommonly known tidbits
on Billy the Kid


Letters & Interviews
In Billy the Kid's own words


Billy vs. Brushy
 The debate that Billy the Kid lived to be an old man


History vs. Young Guns
The inaccuracies of the
Young Guns movies


A list of Billy the Kid movies
& actors who portrayed him


A variety of info on the Kid -books, songs, & museum reviews


Of the New Mexico Territory &
of the town of Lincoln


Collection of photos and artwork


DNA  Investigation  Debate
 Pertaining to the exhumation of
Billy the Kid & his mother


Great Billy the Kid & Old West


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