About the Webmistress


Hello, my name is Marcelle Brothers, I'm the writer and webmistress of the  About Billy the Kid website. I've also been involved with the Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang Organization and wrote a detailed Billy the Kid biography for their own website. I've also written about Billy the Kid for the Outlaw Gazette and the Oklahoma Chief to Chief (a law enforcement publication). I was a volunteer docent at the Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage and wrote a Billy the Kid mini-series biography for their newsletter.  Lastly, I was the researcher and writer for the Discovery Channel's Billy the Kid Unmasked web site, and over the years I've been a consultant and advisor for screenwriters, publicists, webmasters, and even a museum curator in Australia.

I've been a Billy the Kid aficionado for nearly 25 years. I got my first exposure to Billy the Kid when my friend and I went to see the movie Young Guns in the theater. After seeing the movie  I developed an interest in Billy the Kid and began reading any book on him that I could get my hands on. The first was Walter Noble Burns The Sage of Billy the Kid and it snowballed from there. In May of 2000 I finally had the chance to go to New Mexico and visit Billy the Kid's old haunts. It was quite exciting to see the historical sites that I had read about for years in person!

Billy the Kid is probably the most controversial person in the Old West, and the fact that everyone has a different interpretation on his life and death doesn't make research easy.  That's probably why people find him so fascinating.  He can be anything they want him to be - a villain or a hero or a little of both. Or whether he was killed before he was 21 or lived to be an old man.  The facts based on his life are indeed conflicting.  The reader should never read one source of information and take it as the gospel, but instead explore other sources with a open mind and judge for themselves, not just on Billy the Kid, but anything for that matter.  So this is the conclusion about Billy the Kid that I have come to and I would like to share it with you. So I hope you'll enjoy it and find it informative and helpful in your own research.

Aside from history, my other passion is horses. I currently own and train two horses. One of my horses has done some movie work and you can read about Casey the Wonder Horse on HORSE FAME. I'm also an advocate against animal cruelty, particularly against horse slaughter.




 I'd like to thank the following people:

My Dad for persuading me to stop talking about it and do my own web site; Carrie Kosciniak for talking me into seeing Young Guns. Dr. Roger McGrath, for lecturing at the Autry Museum Docent Training Program and fueling my love of history like never before.  Jerry Garden (Gene Autry Museum docent) for inspiring me to be a  writer and helping me edit the material for this site. William Murray, my history buff buddy who also inspired me. Lucas Speer and Don McAlavy (former president of the Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang), for their helpful information. Drew Gomber for his informative emails and phone chats with me.

Last and definitely not least, I want to thank Frederick Nolan for being so helpful and allowing me to pick his brain and also giving me permission to post maps from his books on my website.