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Biography on Billy the Kid:

Billy the Kid at a Glance (quick status & background info)
Summary on the Life of Billy the Kid (short bio)
Detailed Biography (includes images) -

Part 1 "Early Years"
Part 2 "The Lincoln County War"
Part 3 "Wanted"
Part 4 "Capture"
Part 5 "Last Days"

Chronology on the life of Billy the Kid
Letters & Interviews (menu page -read Billy the Kid's own words)

Did you know...? (tidbits of uncommon info on Billy the Kid)
Eulogy (remembrances on the life of Billy the Kid by his friends & acquaintances)
The Antrim Family (short bios on Catherine & Joseph McCarty-Antrim & stepfather Bill Antrim)
Additional Biographies-

"Billy the Kid Unmasked" (from the Discovery Channel, material written by Marcelle Brothers)
"Billy the Kid Biography -by Marcelle Brothers" (comprehensive  biography found on the BTKOG website)


Legend of Billy the Kid:

Fact vs. Myth (correcting misconceptions)
Frequently Asked Questions (a list of most commonly asked questions)
History vs. "Young Guns" (menu page -includes introduction, comparing historical facts with the films)

Young Guns
Young Guns II

Filmography (Billy the Kid movies)
"Billy the Kid: How Bad was He?" (Article by Marcelle Brothers on the outlawry and legend of Billy the Kid)
"Billy the Kid Goes Hollywood" (Article by Marcelle Brothers on the birth of Billy the Kid's legend in film)
Billy vs. Brushy (the controversy of Brushy Bill Roberts)
The Controversy on the DNA Investigation (the debate on the exhumation and DNA testing of Billy the Kid & his mother)


Additional information pertaining to Billy the Kid:

Miscellaneous Information (variety of info on museums, songs & poems, and recommended books)
Maps (Billy the Kid Country & the Town of Lincoln)
New "Bulletin Board" (from the Message Board)
Links (a list of good recommended Billy the Kid & Old West websites)



Photo Album (lots of images)
Artwork  (BTK drawings)

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Webmistress Marcelle Brothers:

About the Webmistress/Author of "About Billy the Kid" (short summary)